Our Projects

In addition to helping individual children, we also established the following projects to help children more effectively with better planning. Your donation can be designated to these projects.

Congenital Heart Disease Project

When A Life A Time Foundation (formally OSCCF) first started in 2008, its main method of helping children is through a Chinese website called “Cradle of Love.” Basically, when a child needed help, we helped the child. The advantage of doing things this way was that we did not require a lot of money and the process was very fast. But every sick child varied in his/her type of diseases, health conditions, check-ups and hospitals. It required a lot of effort and time from our front-line volunteers. In comparison, it’s much more efficient to help sick children with the same illness. [ read more... ]

Henan Foster Home

The Home of Love Center for Orphans, founded in October 2007, is a non-governmental foster home run by a small group of volunteers in the city of Pingdingshan, Henan province. Relying on volunteering work and donations from the general public, “Home of Love” works to help local orphanages care for abandoned infants and children. The center not only provides shelter for children with special physical needs, but also actively seeks treatment for those children who suffer from serious medical conditions. [ read more... ]

Angels Foster Home

Angels Foster Home (AFH) is located in northern Beijing and was founded in December 2007 by AngelMom. AFH provides a full range of care for orphans under 14 years old who were born with congenital diseases or deformities. Children are provided with critical medical treatments, as well as pre- and post-operative care and rehabilitation. [ read more... ]