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Donation List - Yinghua Tian

Amount Received

Note: The donation list is usually updated about 3 or 4 weeks after a donation was made.
DateDonorAmountPaypal/Bank Fees
06/24/2016Tong Ju$50.00$1.40
06/09/2014Hio Ieong Lao$30.00
05/07/2014Yipeng Xie$30.00$0.96
08/29/2013Hio Ieong Lao$30.00
08/16/2013Yi Zuo$50.00$1.40
08/04/2013Sheng Xiao$50.00$1.40
07/13/2013Fen Xu$100.00$2.50
07/08/2013Tong Ju$100.00$2.50
Total (After Bank and Paypal Fees): $429.84

Disbursement Details

11/06/2013$224.70Transfer to Emergency Fund
10/01/2013$97.50Transfer to Bosheng Mao (as requested by the donor Fen Xu)
Disbursed Amount: $322.20

Remaining Amount: $107.64